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Executive Profile

Executive Profile

Prof. U. U. Uche

Prof. Uche Uko Uche is a Nigerian Lawyer, a legal academic and the founder of Heritage Oil and Gas Limited. In 1998 due to the contributions he had made internationally and to his country and his ambition to make Nigeria great he got involved in the Oil Industry. OPL 247 was allocated to Heritage Oil and Gas and is growing into a well-respected company in Nigeria today.

Prof. Uche went to the University College of Ghana and was awarded a tuition scholarship that was renewed every year based on his continued performance. This was a basis on which he was presented to Her Majesty the Queen in March 1959 as a budding Scholar.

Prof. Uche’s academic career has spanned over several decades and some of the positions he has include:

  • Director, Diplomatic Training Programme, University of Nairobi
  • Chairman, Research and Curriculum Committee, Faculty of Law, University of Nairobi
  • Member, Editorial Board, East African Law Journal
  • Treasurer, International Advisory Committee, Law and Population
  • Member, Central Programme Committee, International Planned Parenthood Federation, London
  • Chairman, Board of Directors, Centre for African Family Studies (CAFS) Nairobi, Kenya
  • Member, Board of Directors, Development Law and Policy Programme, Columbia University Centre for Population and Family Health, New York, USA.
  • Fellow, Development Law Institute, Rome Italy

Prof. U. U. Uche has been a Board Member of Heritage Oil and Gas Limited from the Company’s inception.

Dr. Chidi Uche

Dr. Chidi Uche is an experienced British and US trained Board certified Physician who specializes in Family medicine and Urgent care Medicine. He is also the CEO of Jacksonville Urgent Care and has set up multiple other companies in the USA.

Dr. Uche has over 20 years experience in Medicine and has gained a plethora of experience including Maritime medicine throughout his career. Upon the completion of his residency training in England, he completed a second residency in the USA and has since gone on to practice medicine on three (3) different continents across the world.

Dr. Uche has worked closely with Prof. Uche over the last 20 years in the Oil industry and has a deep understanding of OPL 247. He is currently completing his masters in Oil and Gas production in the U.S.A.

Dr. Uche is a Director in Heritage Oil and Gas and has been key to coordinating the operations with international partners.